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A flexible moderation and logging bot and temprole management without bloat.

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MoonlightBot's Description


MoonlightBot is an extremely powerful and flexible moderation bot, it's been designed to handle server moderation in a very granular way. Some of its best features include:

  • Temporary roles: Add a role to an user and decide when it should be removed, with the possibility of editing the timer later.

  • Detached permission system: You'll be amazed by what you can restrict with command and role levels.

  • Powerful logging: You can choose specific classs to log, in which channel you log them and you can also log the same event in multiple channels too.

  • Infrclass history and searching: Whenever you use a MoonlightBot mod command (kick, ban, mute, softban, tempmute etc), an infrclass is stored into a database for later retrieving. Also, the logs produced are complete and searchable with Discord's search feature.

  • Infrclass notification: Add the --dm-user flag while using a mod command, and the user will be notified the reason of the infrclass.

  • Automated creation of a mute role: Never spend hours setting permissions again.

  • Self-assignable roles now coming with an optional expiration date as well.

  • Role persistence: Automatically apply which roles you want if a user leaves and rejoins your server.

  • Reminders: Never miss the time to turn the microwave on again.

  • Role adding/removal through command: No more need ti give your user manage roles permissions.

Want new features?

We allow users to get access to features early to customize their experience even further. Check this out for more info on the program.