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Manage your server invites ! Easy to setup, fast and powerful invite management

Bot's description

📋 Read the documentation to configure the bot more easily!

🔧 Features and functions

  • Easy configuration for the join messages.
  • Easy configuration for the leave messages.
  • Easy configuration for the join messages in private messages.
  • Rewarding roleswhen a member reaches a certain number of invitations.
  • Leaderboard of members according to their invitations.

🚀 Configuration

  • +configjoin Setup join messages.

  • +setjoin Enable join messages.

  • +testjoin Test join messages.

  • +configdm Setup join DM messages.

  • +setdm Enable join DM messages.

  • +testdm Test join DM messages.

  • +configleave Setup leave messages.

  • +setleave Enable leave messages.

  • +testleave Test leave messages.

🔑 Administration commands

  • +setprefix Define the new prefix of the bot for this server.

  • +setlang Define the language of the bot for this server.

  • +addrank Add a rank to the prize ranks.

  • +removerank Remove a rank from the prize ranks.

  • +ranks Display all prize ranks.

  • +addbonus Add bonus invite to a member.

  • +removebonus Remove bonus invite to a member.

  • +resetinvites Reset invites for a member or the whole server.

🤵 User commands

  • +invites (@user) Display your invites a member's invites.

  • +leaderboard Display the leaderboard.

  • +stats Displays statistics about members joins history. (2 to 1000 days)

  • +help Display the help page.

  • +infos Display informations about the bot.

  • +add Send a link to invite the bot.

  • +support Send a invite link to the support discord.

    If you want the bot to properly work, you will need to grant him the Manage Server, Manage Roles, Manage Channels permissions and every normal permissions a user should have.
    If you have any questions, suggestions or if you need support, join our support discord server here.


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Library » discord.js


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