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Kettu is a safe for work furry bot made to keep your server fluffs happy & safe

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Prefix: / (changeable)



Owner: Gideon#4325

Votes: 6

Kettu's Description

Kettu is a safe for work furry bot made to keep your server fluffs happy and safe. From bapping to booping and banning kettu does it all. Kettu's prefix is / meaning you put a / in front of the commands like /ping. To see Kettu's list of commands run the command /help or /h. To see more information about a specific command simply provide a command after /help like /help ban. You can check out Kettu's documentation for a in depth guide of Kettu's commands. If you need help you can join Kettu's support server.


<> = Required arguments

[] = Optional arguments

Do not type out <> or [] when running commands.

Social Commands

Kettu has a plethora of social commands to interact with other fluffs on your server. All social commands need a user argument, either a mention or a user ID. For example /hug @Gideon . Some commands will embed an image or gif while other will post just a short message. Some commands also give a special response if you run the command on yourself. An example of a hug is show below.

Example of a hug

If you do not want social commands to embed put{noembed} in the channel topic. This is useful for places like main chat where you do not want big embeds flooding the chat.

Example of no embed

Kettu's social commands are boop, hug, kiss, nom, lick, snuggle, pet, zap, nuzzle, cookie, pounce, bap. Click here to read the documentation for the social commands.

Moderation Commands

Kettu has a multitude of unique moderation commands. On commands that Kettu's trys to send a DM Kettu will add a short note if this message failed to be delivered. An example is show below.

Note if DM failed to be delivered

This is an example of a message sent to a user on being banned from a server. The moderator is not included this message.

Example of a ban DM

All moderation commands (with the exception of check) log in discords audit log the moderator who ran that command so you always know who did it. An example is shown below.

Example of an audit log

Kettu's moderation commands ban, kick, deleteban, softban, warn, lockchannel, unlockchannel, lockserver unlockserver, slowmode, unban, check. Click here to read the documentation for the moderation commands.

Information Commands

Kettu has a few information commands that tell you a bit about Kettu it self like how fast it is responding and who made Kettu.

Kettu's info commands ping, contributors, help, invite, about, support, stats. Click here to read the documentation for the informational commands.

Tip You can provide other commands as augments with the help command to learn more about a command. For example /help ban would give you more information about the ban command such as its usage, aliases and what permission is needed to run the command.

Miscellaneous Commands

Kettu's offers a few other miscellaneous commands that don't really fit into any other category such as poll or dadjoke.

You can make a simple poll by running the command /poll <Poll here>. An example is shown below.

Example poll

Is just a yes or no poll to simple? You can make multiple optioned poll by running the command /vote <2-10> <poll here>. You can have up to 10 questions per poll. The number you provides how many reclasss or options to add. An example is shown below.

Example of muitil poll

Need the ID of an object in discord? Kettu makes it easy to grab an ID for things such as roles, users, emotes and more. Simply run the command /id <object>. An example is shown below

Example of the ID command

To change the prefix for kettu run the command /prefix newPrefix. This will change the prefix for your sever. Do you have a suggestion for Kettu? If you do we would love to hear it. Simply run the command /suggest <suggestion here>. Need to make a report? Similarly run the command /report <report>.

Kettu's miscellaneous commands poll, vote, dadjoke, print, id, suggest, report. Click here to read the documentation for the miscellaneous commands.