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A fun little bundle of joy for your server!

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Prefix: dino



Owner: ibx34#3400

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DinoCord's Description

DinoCord -- A bundle of joy to enhance your Discord experiance!

Infotmation ::

DinoCord was originally a Moderation / Utility bot, but recently we desided to switch to economy and fun to help make Discord a better and more enojoy able place for all!

We offer many cool commands and we are always working on more. So don't forget to join the new Support Server to stay informed on what we will be adding!

Some current commands ::

Account / Bank Account Creation / Deletion / Information ::

  1. dino bank open
    • This command will open your bank account and allow you to start making money!
  2. dino bank close
    • This command will close, but not delete your account. It will also block you from using economy commands. Do dino bank open again to re-open an account
  3. dino profile
    • This command will pull up your Balance, Dev Coin Balance, Account Owner ID & Tag, Account Status, and Account Job!
  4. dino bal / balance
    • This command will pull up your Balance, and Dev Coin Balance
  5. dino bank delete
    • Thiscommand will COMPLETELY delete all of your information from our database! You will be required to type Yes, or No for this command so don't worry
  6. dino passive
    • This command will turn your account passive meaning no harm can happen to your account like rob commands!

Some quick ways to make money ::

  1. dino heist
    • This command will give you anywhere from 1 - 500,000 coins, and can only be used once a week!
  2. dino daily
    • This command will give you anwhere from 1 - 600 coins, and can only be used once a day.
  3. dino rob
    • The usage for this command is dino rob <user mention>!
      • You can get anywhere from 0 - 600 and can be used every hour!